Gemstone: opals

Brightness: 5 out of 5

Size: 16 x 12 x 6mm

Weight (app.): 11.55ct

Shape: pear (polished, flat back)

Treatment: none


Gemstone: South sea pearls

Pearl size: 10mm (white), 15mm (blue)

Pearl shape: near-round (white), baroque (blue)

Pearl quality: AAA


Side stone: aquamarine

Side stone size: 2.5-4mm graduated

Side stone quality: AAA


Opals are ridiculously difficult to match. Once you match the colors - the shape doesn't match, once the shapes match - the patterns vary, and so on and so on endlessly. So to find a nicely matched pair of opals is rather of an event in its own for a jeweler. And we found it!


Here is a pair of big Ethiopian opals that are almost ideal match. The shape, the size, and the color distribution - almost everything is identical in these two opals. Without doubt, they will be a pair of earrings. We've been playing around with them for quite a while, and the most impressive combination with these opals are South sea pearls. We don't know yet whether to set them with Australian white South sea pearls (in the photos) or blue South sea pearls (in the video), as both look nice with them.


The side stone of choice is definetly aquamarine - it's light blue shades add greatly to the colors of the opals and make it look very delicate and gentle. As the earrings will be set in 14K gold and will be rather heavy, they will have solid omega backs. We would recommend setting these earrings in white or rose color gold.

"Silky Sparkle" 11.55ct Ethiopian opal earrings

  • Set with white South sea pearls: $2480 / AUD 3500

    Set with bllue South sea pearls: $3200 / AUD 4500

    The actual exchange rate will be determined by your bank on the day of purchase.