Gemstone: Tahitian keshi pearls (pure nacre, no nucleus)

Pearl shape: near-round (keshi)

Pearl size: 2-4mm

Pearl quality: AAA

Length: 17.5 inches (unknotted and without the clasp)


Yes! This is one of the tiniest Tahitian pearl strands in the world.


Normal Tahitian pearls range from 5 to 18mm in size. These beauties go from 2mm to just 4mm! Cute and near-round, with all the multicolor variety that classic Tahitian pearls glitter with - from silvery white to dark grey and bright peacocks.


How come these pearls are so tiny? They are keshi pearls. Keshi pearls are a lucky accidential product of pearl cultivating process. Normally keshi pearls come in a variety of baroque shapes. But this strand has been carfeully match from the rarest round nd near-round keshi pearls.


These pearls are pure nacre. They are lusterois and despite their modest size stand out when worn. Fancy having a truely unique Tahitian strand? This is definetly one to consider.


This strand is priced loose - but I would be glad to find a stuitable clasp for you and knot it. It will make a full 18-inch necklace with the clasp.


Please note that the price is for the pearls only, no clasp is included.

2-4mm Tahitian pearl strand

  • $430 / AUD 610

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