Gemstone: opal

Brightness: 5 out of 5

Size: 13.1 x 10.2 x 5.3mm

Weight (app.): 2.80ct

Shape: freeform triangle (polished, flat back)

Treatment: none


Gemstone: akoya pearls

Pearl size: 3.5mm

Pearl shape: round

Pearl quality: AA+/AAA


Gemstone: freshwater pearl

Pearl size: 27mm

Pearl luster: metallic

Pearl shape: baroque

Pearl quality: AAA


Sometimes you can achieve unachievable in a single design - would you ever think of having white akoya pearls and metallic luster freshwater pearl in the same piece? When said out loud, this combination wouldn't be the most obvious choice. But look at that combination in the photo! It just happens to look so balanced, with the colors of the freshwater pearl repeating the colors of the opal, but in darker hues, and the delicate halo of baby akoya pearls highlighting the contrast.


Set in 14K yellow gold, this piece will be a very very one of a kind piece in your collection. And we are proud to point out that it's very VERY reasonably priced for a piece in solid gold with natural opal and these pearls. Oh, and it's huge as well - the overall length of the pendant is over 50mm (about 2 inches).


The akoya pearls used in this design are of treated color. The whitening treatment is a standard, accepted process used on nearly all white akoya pearls - it's safe, permanent and doesn't affect the stability of the pearl. But since we primarly work with natural color pearls, we like to disclose this information to our customers. The pearls do have bright luster and very few blemishes and add beautiful detail to the piece.


Please note that the price is for the pendant only, the chain is not included.

"First Date" 2.80ct Ethiopian opal pendant

  • $900 / AUD 1280

    The actual exchange rate will be determined by your bank on the day of purchase.