Gemstone: opal

Brightness: 5 out of 5

Size: 12 x 9.3 x 6.5mm

Weight (app.): 3.14ct

Shape: polished oval (flat back)

Treatment: none


Gemstone: akoya pearls

Pearl size: 3.5mm

Pearl shape: round

Pearl quality: AA+/AAA


We love pearls and opals, in any variations. But even we sometimes run out of ideas. And in such cases we reach out to our pearly community on Instagram asking for design ideas. Oh how creative it gets there!


This is a special opal because it actually goes very well with white akoya pearls on its own. Regular oval shape, high-dome profile - everything makes it sound like a pendant or ring-to-be. But something was just stopping us, making us think a bit more about this piece.. and we gave a shout out for ideas. And it came spot on! A pearl clasp with opal, antique style - so classical and lush. We loved the idea and took it on immediately.


So this will be a solid 14K yellow gold box clasp for 1, 2 or 3 strands of pearls. The rings for pearl strands will be delicately placed in the design so if you decide to use only 1 row of pearls with this clasp - you will not be bothered with seeing 2 other empty rings. Solid, beautiful and very very hard to get such a design these days. The back of the clasp will have a undergallery-style design with the theme named by the customer (can be a rose, a cat, or a damask motif, for example).


The akoya pearls used in this design are of treated color. The whitening treatment is a standard, accepted process used on nearly all white akoya pearls - it's safe, permanent and doesn't affect the stability of the pearl. But since we primarly work with natural color pearls, we like to disclose this information to our customers. The pearls do have bright luster and very few blemishes and add beautiful detail to the piece.

"Edwardian" 3.14ct Ethiopian opal clasp

  • $1380 / AUD 1950

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