Gemstone: dark-base opal

Brightness: 5 out of 5

Size: 15.7 x 11.9 x 7.2mm

Weight (app.): 7.20 ct

Shape: oval cabochon (flat back)

Treatment: none


Gemstone: Tahitian pearl

Pearl size: 12mm

Pearl shape: drop

Pearl quality: AAA


Side stones: smokey quartz

Side stones size: 2.75mm


Willy Wonka would be jealous of this piece - it's soooo chocalaty! Where to start describing it.. the opal. The opal is a very rare natural dark base Ethiopian opal - and it's not only dark, it's actually deep brown color. The opal is not smoked and not treated in any way, completely natural. And against it's rich brown background there spread many bright strips of color: from yellow to orange, red and green. The opal is surrounded with matching brown smokey quartz halo.


The pearl. A very pretty clean Tahitian pearl in deep bronze/ brown color. The color is all natural and not enhanced in any way. The pearl has nice slightly drop shape than makes it a perfect dangling accent for our opal pendant. The whole piece is to be set in solid 14K gold of your choice: rose, yellow or white. We would recommend rose gold with this suite of gemstones.


Please note that the price is for the pendant only, the chain is not included.

"Triple Chocolate" 7.20ct Ethiopian opal pendant

  • $2000 / AUD 2800

    The actual exchange rate will be determined by your bank on the day of purchase.