Gemstone: japanese akoya pearls

Pearl size: 2-3mm

Pearl shape: keshi (pure nacre, no nucleous)

Pearl quality: AAA

Overall length: 17 inches + 2 inch extender chain

Clasp: yellow gold-plated sterling silver


Be sure that this strand, despite its modest size, will have the wow effect among other pearl lovers.


A tiny strand of natural blue color keshis that can be worn as a sophisticated accent on its own and is also great for layering. Keshi akoya strands are very expensive due to the time needed to collect enough pearls to make a strand. If the pearls have to be of natural untreated color (like these ones), the difficulty is even greater.


These pearls have a lovely mid-blue color with silver hues. This is probably the deepest blue keshi strand you might come across in akoya pearls. This is definitely the best we've seen and we've searched through quite a few of them when hunting. The necklace is finished with yellow gold-plated sterling silver clasp with 5cm (2 inch) extension chain.

"Tiny Blues" 2-3mm akoya keshi pearl necklace

  • $260 / AUD 370

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