Gemstone: South Sea pearls

Pearl color: blue

Pearl shape: baroque

Pearl size: 10-16.1mm

Pearl quality: AA+/AAA

16 inches (unknotted and without the clasp)


This is a very special strand. Attractive-looking baroque South Sea pearls are rather rare, and these ones are of natural silver blue color - which makes them the top-notch rare catch in the sea! (sorry for the tautology).


The pearls are massive - starting from 11mm and going all the way up to 16mm in size! The color is beautiful and the bigger pearls in the center have bluer overtone than the smaller ones (normally that would be vice versa). The nacre is thick and has no important blemished on it. The luster is sateen. A remarkable strand.


This strand is priced loose - but I would be glad to find a stuitable clasp for you and knot it. It will make a full 18-inch necklace with the clasp.


Please note that the price is for the pearls only, no clasp is included.

10-16mm Blue South Sea Pearl Strand

  • $1590 / AUD 2250

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