Gemstone: solid Boulder pipe crystal opal

Size: 8.4 x5.8 x2.8mm

Weight (app.): 0.76cts

Shape:free-form cut stone

Treatment: none


Gemstone: freshwater pearl

Color: pink with hues of green

Luster: metallic

Pearl shape: near round

Pearl size: 11.4mm

Pearl quality: AAA


Side stones: pink tourmalines

Side stones size: 2.75mm

Side stones quality: AA+/AAA


Tiny little opal with absolutly stunning color play. One of the opals that work best with pearls because of the mixed pattern and rolling flashes of light in it. The opal is of absolute top quality and shines in any lighting conditions. Surrounded with pink tourmalines and paired with pink freshwater pearl - this pendant is just asking to be finished in 14K rose gold. Total pink madness!


 That would be a delicate pendant with lots of shine in it. A wonderful all-year-round piece.


Please note that the price is for the pendant only, the chain is not included.

"Pink Madness" 0.76ct Boulder opal pendant

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