Gemstone: Tahitian pearl

Pearl size: 12mm

Pearl shape: near round

Pearl quality: AA+


Mila, just about to finish our simplest ring ever, with her inner self squealing that it needs some detail, turned away for a second and looked back to find this little butterfly sitting on the pearl! The little visitor seemed to like it there, so we decided to keep it (and yes, the simple ring got its nice final touch this way).


This solitaire pearl rind is crafted in 14K rose gold and features a big 12mm near round Tahitian pearl. The band is a comfortable 3mm width. The pearl is slightly bluish in color and contrasts beautifully with rose gold. The little butterfly is full of life and will remind you of the warm summer afternoons wherever you are.


If you would like a pearl of different color - please message to, we will find you the desired color.

"Mi Amigo" 12mm Tahitian pearl ring

  • $740 / AUD 1050

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