Gemstone: Tahitian pearls

Pearl size: 8-10mm

Pearl shape: baroque/ circled

Pearl quality: AAA


Side stone: aquamarine

Aquamarine size: 8mm

Side stone: rose quartz

Rose quartz size: 8mm


Stack it up! A fun color-contrasting trio of bracelets can be dressed up or down, upon your choice.


The center piece is a stretchy bracelet of plump baroque Tahitian pearls with beautiful silver and light blue color flashes. The pearl sizes are 8-10mm, and they just shine with crisp luster and tight clean surfaces. The complementing gemstones of choice are sky blue aquamarine and rose quartz. Together the three bracelets remind us of the soft colors in a sunrise over the ocean, pastel yet strong and meaningful.


The bracelets comfortably fit wrists between 6.5-7.5" (16.5-19cm) and can be extended/shortened upon request.

"Ocean Sunrise" Tahitian pearl bracelet set

  • $410 / AUD 590

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