Gemstone: freshwater pearl

Color: pure deep gold

Pearl size: 11 x 11 x 9mm

Pearl shape: triangle

Pearl quality: Gem (AAA+)


Sometimes we come across a really SPECIAL pearl.. which doesn't fit in any project. This pearl came with a big lot of freshwater pearls, but due to its deepest golden color and pure metallic luster it really stood out from the rest. And then its unique triangular shape.. What to do with a triangular shape pearl?


The idea came over time. A ring crafted in 14K yellow gold that will reminds of a slices of delicious Swiss cheese. With a tiny little 14K white gold mouse hiding in one of the holes ready to eat the cheesy triangular pearl!


A conversation piece of jewelry to make a special (and funny!) statement.

"Sneaky Mouse" 11mm freshwater pearl ring

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