Pearl size: 1mm keshi + 5mm round + 8mm round

Pearl shape: baroque keshis + round

Pearl quality: AAA

Overall Length: 16.5 inches to 17inches + clasp

Clasp: rhodium-plated sterling silver


EASY CHIC line is called to be a versatile modern way of wearing pearls. Not to look too formal, yet adding the classic touch to almost any outfit. Naturally layered, the necklaces create an effect of care-free jewelry wear that looks relaxed and attractive at the same time.


This necklace is composed of 5 rows natural multicolor tiny keshi pearls mixed with different size round akoya pearls. All colors are natural. The round pearls look suspended in the air with the rows of delicate keshi pearls shimmering in the light. The necklace is finished with a multi-strand sterling silver clasp that can be worn as double-hook clasp or with a square 1-inch frame extender.

"Silver Glow" 1mm and 5-8mm multi-strand akoya pearl necklace

  • $1000 / AUD 1430

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