Gemstone: South Sea keshi pearl (pure nacre, no nucleus)

Color: bi-color, golden to white

Pearl size: 11.5 x 7 x 6.2mm

Pearl form: baroque keshi

Drilling: top-drilled

Pearl quality: AAA


Meow! This little pearl so much reminds me of a cat. I have an idea of making a set of stackable rings for this pearl: the middle ring with the cat pearl, the bottom ring with a little mouse (and the cat is looking at it) and the top ring with a "Meow!" sculptured on it.


The price is for the loose pearl. You can have this pearl set in any style you like! Just email me with more details to and we will have it sorted!

"Meow Cat" 7mm South sea keshi pearl

  • $92 / AUD 130

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