Gemstone: dark opal

Body color: 6N

Brightness: 4.5 out of 5

Size: 16 x12 x3mm

Weight (app.): 4.2ct

Shape: freeform polished (flat back)

Treatment: none


Gemstone: South Sea pearl

Color: natural blue

Shape: oval

Size: 14mm

Quality: AAA


Side stone: natural emeralds

Side stone size: 2.75mm


This opal looks just like night sky with shimmering northern lights in it... Beautiful color change from bright green to blue all over the stone. The color can be seen from all angles. Generous size as well - will make an important pendant.


Surrounded with natural emeralds, this opal just shines with its miraculous charm. The pendant is finished with a rare 14mm blue South Sea pearl. Why rare? Not only because it's naturally blue in color, but also because of its attractive oval shape, lack of wrinkles and almost blemish-free clean face. A wonderful combination of blue and green in this jewel, will be really mismerizing when set in 14K gold.


Please note that the price is for the pendant only, the chain is not included.

"Northern Lights" 4.20ct Lightning Ridge opal pendant

  • $2370 / AUD 3350

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