Center stone: Chacedony 
Center stone size: 36mm X 26mm


Side stones: round akoya pearls

Pearl size: 3-4.5mm

Pearl quality: AA+/AAA


A nicely detailed scene of great mountains that are higher that the clouds.. The scenery, even though looks like a miniature painting, is a completely natural stone specially selected for this project. Will make a very solid big statement pendant.


The stone has its double nature: in some lighting the scene looks as a sunny day, and in other - as a gloomy day. The cabachon will be surrounded by tiny round akoya pearls. The bail is wide enough to wear on any chain/leather cord or, alternatively, on a strand of seed pearls (I have some! give me a shout). 


The akoya pearls used in this design are of treated color. The whitening treatment is a standard, accepted process used on nearly all white akoya pearls - it's safe, permanent and doesn't affect the stability of the pearl. But since we primarly work with natural color pearls, we like to disclose this information to our customers. The pearls do have bright luster and very few blemishes and add beautiful detail to the piece.


Please note that the price is for the pendant only, the chain is not included.

"Over the Clouds" akoya pearl pendant

  • $445 / AUD 635

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