Gemstone: japanese akoya pearls

Pearl size: 8mm

Pearl shape: almost round/ very near round

Pearl quality: AAA

Overall length: 18 inches with the clasp

Clasp: 14K yellow gold (double lobster/"double hook" clasp)


Most likely the most unique strand in the collection. It is composed of matched pairs of akoya pearls. Yes, this strand was meant to be 25 pairs of stud earrings. Pearl selected for studs earrings or rings usually have the highest quality color, luster and surface quality as those pearls are the center of the jewelry piece and not "hidden" in the strand among other pearls.


These pearls were selected fand carefully paired in their natural color to make ideal pairs of earrings, but we just couldn't resist to make a necklace of natural color akoya pearls that has all the spectrum of natural color occuring in akoya pearls: purple, rose, blue, light blue, golden, green, champagne, cream, white, silver. The pearls in the necklace are arranged in a perfect mirror ombré pattern making a very pleasing to the eye color graduation look.


With its sleek graduation of pastel colors, the necklace is so perfectly matched that it looks almost surreal. All the colors are completely natural, very bright pastel shades and the pearls are of very high quality.

Collector's piece: "All Shades of Nature" 8mm mirror ombré akoya pearl necklace

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