Gemstone: Tahitian pearls

Pearl size: 9mm

Pearl shape: near-round (circled)

Pearl quality: AA+


Cherry is a very unique color/overtone in Tahitian pearls. And what could be a better use of it than fitting a matched pair as cherry fruits freshly growing on a cherry stem? This pendant is made in 14K gold of your choice (yellow, white or rose), but I strongly recommend white or rose gold to go with this pearl color.


The pearls are AA+ quality Tahitian pearls with rich dark cherry color. The pearls have circles but they are not seen from the front of the pendant. The luster is crisp and almost mirror-like. The overall length of the pendant is 24mm (about 1 inch).


Please note that the price is for the pendant only, the chain is not included.

"Tahitian Cherries" 9mm Tahitian pearl pendant

  • $520 / AUD 730

    The actual exchange rate will be determined by your bank on the day of purchase.