Gemstone: Giant Tahitian keshi pearl (pure nacre, no nucleus)

Pearl shape: keshi (baroque)

Pearl size: 18 x12mm

Pearl quality: AAA

Drilled: drilled through at the top (to hang on a chain or for a side bail)


Keshi pearls are the accidential pearls that happen to luckily occur in pearl cultivating process. They are pure dollops of nacre (no nucleuous) and usually they are about 5-10mm in size. This Tahitian keshi is of an impressive size - 18mm in length and 12mm in width! With that size it makes a substantial pendant on its own. Will look beautiful on a chain (please note that most chains will NOT go through the drill hole - so it would rather be a non-removable pearl on a chain, soldered with the pearl on the chain).


The pearl is a true AAA color with no blemishes. It has beautiful golden/white color with toasted brown sides. Remind a lot of sunny days and sun-tanned days!


The price is for the loose pearl. You can have this pearl set in any style you like! Just email me with more details to and we will have it sorted!

"Toasted" 12mm Tahitian keshi pearl

  • $150 / AUD 210

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