Gemstone: opal doublet

Brightness: 5 out of 5

Size: 16 x12 x 2mm

Weight (app.): 4.8ct

Shape: freeform/triangular (flat back)


Side stones: white sapphires

Side stones size: 3mm


We specialize in all types of solid opals. But, as in every rule, there is always an exclusion. This gemstone is our exclusion. It's not a solid opal - it's an opal doublet.


Opal doublets are made of the best and brightest crystal opal parts from other opals that wouldn't be as good on their own. This material is then artistically arranged and fixed onto a dark ironstone backing and the result is an opal gem with improved visual qualities. But it's not a natural stone mined from earth.


We usually would say that a solid opal is preferable because the color play is more natural and dimensional and that a professional can always find you a good-looking stone within your budget. So generally our advice would be not to buy doublets. But not in this case. This piece truely proves there is exclusion to every rule.


First of all, the color play is so vivid and natural-looking, it's mesmerizing. Red is the most desired color in black opals and the whole surface of this gem is just shimmering with red. Second, normally opal doublets cost about 10% of what a solid stone with similar properties would cost. But not this one. This stone, should have been a solid opal, would cost like a very good car. Or a small house. Or an around the world cruise for 2 people. Seriously.


So in this particular case - if you see a doublet like this - we highly recommend getting it. It will make a stunning piece of jewelry. Turning heads piece of jewelry. You will enjoy in for years to come.


Please note that the price is for the pendant only, the chain is not included.

"The Queen" 4.80ct Black opal doublet pendant

  • $680 / AUD 970

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