Gemstone: Tahitian pearls

Pearl size: 10mm

Pearl shape: round

Pearl quality: AAA


Center stone: watermelon tourmaline

Center stone size: 

Center stone weight: 13.84 ctw


Side stones: green and pink tourmalines

Side stones size: 3mm

Side stones cut: round

Side stone weight: 1.2 ctw


These watermelon tourmalines actually look like sliced watermelons. They even have seeds inside! Ripe and shiny, having these as a matched cut pair is just incredible. They go so well with rose gold and saturated peacock color Tahitian pearls. A perfect match.


The halo of the pearls is made of assymetrical order high-quality tourmalines mimicing the center slices of tourmaline in pattern. The earrings have comfortable omega backs and will make a gorgeous and unique addition to your jewelry collection.

"Yummy" 13.8ct watermelon tourmaline earrings

  • $3250 / AUD 4600

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