Gemstone: japanese akoya pearls

Pearl size: 4.5-5mm

Pearl shape: round

Pearl quality: AA+/AAA

Overall Length: 18 inches with the clasp

Clasp: sterling silver


What seems to be just a small delicate necklace actually represents a bunch of intresting properties.


First, smaller akoya pearls are rare because very few pearls achieve proper nacre thickness. These beauties have the sharpest luster and a thick even layer of nacre.


And second, the color is natural white, natural rose and some cream pearls. The strand looks almost white, which is a very rare natural color for this size of pearls.


With 0.5 mm size variation, in the photo the pearls are arranged in mixed size order - we personally like the effect of little bubbles and the slight unevenness that makes the strand look similar to the natural (not cultured) pearls, that are even more rare (these pearls are 100% cultured though). If you want them strung graduated by size - just send us a note and we will rearrange it at no extra cost. The necklace is finished with a sterling silver clasp.

4.5-5mm baby akoya pearl necklace

  • $510 / AUD 720

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