Gemstone: solid opal

Size: 9.9 x 8.1 x 4.8mm

Weight (app.): 1.91ct

Shape: oval

Treatment: none


Gemstone: South sea pearl

Color: golden

Pearl shape: near-round

Pearl size: 15.5mm

Pearl quality: AA


Side stones: garnet

Side stone shape: round beads (cabochon balls)

Side stone size: 4.5mm


We love gemstones with special character. And who doesn't!


Just look at this beauty. Small in size, it perfectly combines two patterns with a clear border between them. The tiny flashes of one side remind of the sand glittering in the sun... Broader pinfire pattern of the other side looks like fireworks in the clear sky. What a stone. We say "border" meaning you can clearly see where one pattern ends and and another one starts another one, but there is no physical imperfection in this stone.


This gemstone will make a beautiful pendant combined with a golden South Sea pearl. The pearl does have some imperfections and we fairly grade it AA quality - but the size of it is impressive and it looks just so right in this design. This pendant will be set in solid 14K yellow gold and will make a beautiful medium-sized pendant.


Please note that the price is for the pendant only, the chain is not included.

"Yin Yang" 1.91ct Ethiopian opal pendant

  • $1020 / AUD 1450

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