NoMorePearls story started in 2015 with a passionate young woman and 3 design ideas that she wanted for herself.


But the jeweler's quote she got was rather excessive, so the decision (the most obvious, of course) was taken - this girl enrolled in a private metalsmith course, finished it in 8 months and finally made her 3 designs all for herself.


People started getting curious, asking about the pieces, some wanted something similar for themselves... Why not? While studying, our young lady got good contacts with wholesalers and sketched a whole notebook of jewelry pieces, so she continued mastering her skills and improving the designs as a private jeweler during the next 2 years.


Over time and precise work the ideas and projects got organised into themes and collections and the first catalogue was released on the Internet in 2018.

Our fearless leader's name is Mila, a jeweler, Cultured Pearls of America specialist, and a current student at Gemological Institute of Spain (Madrid). Her passion for design and quality is now shared by a team of professional jewelers and gemstones buyers who work together under the brand of NoMorePearls.


Jewelry shopping is such a temptation, yet oh-so-enjoyable!

Our clients often joke that they have to explain yet another jewelry purchase to their life partners by promising that there will be no more pearl purchases this year/ month/week.

We like making life easier (and a bit funny) - so whenever you shop with us, you new jewelry comes with our NoMorePearls note to help you with those explanations.


We are young, somewhat innovative and very resourceful yet respecting the traditions.


We strongly believe in quality over quantity and worry-free service policy for the customer.


We are here to work for you and with you.


We think we can make anything - or at least as of today there hasn't been such a thing we couldn't achieve for our clients.

We think of jewelry as a synonym of the word "dream" - each piece is aimed to fulfil someone's dream, desire or just a caprice. Which one will be yours?


We love unusual, rare, quality pieces. For this very reason we specialise in pearls and solid opals - the only two gemstones where each gem has its own character and nature.

We believe that human intervention cannot exceed nature capacity, so we tend to work with natural color gemstones only.

99.9% of our pearls and all of the opals in our catalogue are untreated creations of nature without any processing, improving or color treatment.


We like when a pearl or a gemstone form an unmistakable concept with the setting, complementing and enriching the look of each other.


And we are proud to think that our designs have a "VOW" factor:

        V for Versatility,

        O for Originality,

        W for Wearability.

So, whether it's a traditional or novelty piece, our goal is to create a jewel that you will proudly wear on many occasions.